How You Can Be The One
They Remember. . . Interview. . . and Hire!

Customer Testimonial from Kona-Kailua, Hawaii

“They offered me the marketing job. . .  I attached the visual resume that you kindly drew up for me in my check-in email last week - - maybe its fun presentation tipped the scales in my favor!
Mahalo again from Hawaii!”

                   - Stephanie Jacobson (March 2014)

Job searching is usually pretty hard.

You keep going from site to site, submitting your resume into black holes, emailing friends, and making awkward phone calls to old colleagues- -
all because you hope that at some point,
something's got to give.

But have you ever considered that it isn't you
that’s the problem...
it's your resume!  

No matter how many times you spell-check or wordsmith it, your resume looks just like everyone else's. But you aren't like everyone else. You have a great set of skills, you're smart, you work hard, you get results: and if you could just stand out more, they'd see that.

Let’s change the game.

Instead, what if YOU jumped to the top of the pile? What if YOU stood out from hundreds of candidates? What if YOU made the hiring manager stop sorting through resumes like a zombie and really see you?

It’s time to stand out in your job search- - and win!

Visual resumes present your strengths, weaknesses, and unique skill set in an eye-catching, impossible-to-ignore new way.

Think about it:  if you were the hiring manager, which resume would you rather read? Which candidate would you be most likely to remember?

It’s time to change the game. Find your visual resume now!

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Wait! Does this mean I need to toss
my regular resume?

Absolutely not. Does having a hammer in your toolbox mean you’ve got to ditch the screwdriver? No! We aren’t dealing with an “either/or” situation; both resumes work together to accomplish your main task: getting the job.

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